Hatch Gen 2 Finatic Fly Reel Updates

So at first glance it looks like the Gen 2 update on the all time classic Hatch Finatic fly reel is mostly cosmetic...well look closer because there is a TON of tangible benefits gained through changes in thoughful design. Better just got betterer.

Bead Blasted Mist Finish

We've incorporated a mist finish on our entire lineup of reels. Misting creates smoother edges and provides for a more consistent non-reflective finish throughout. Plus it looks really damn cool!


Frame + Spool Connection

Creating a bombproof frame-to-spool connection is essential for maintaining strength, and true-spin consistency.


Machined Reel Seat

A solid is always stronger than two parts attached by screws, and this eliminates the common problem of corrosion at these points.


Cranks + Counterbalance

NEW! We've incorporated an Ultraflon sleeve that covers the aluminum shaft and separates it from the aluminum crank handle, eliminating the chance for galvanic corrosion.


Lip Seals + Bearings

The amount of time anglers spend in the water has increased dramatically, so we've added lip seals and sealed bearings as a one-two punch to protect against the elements and a whole new level of water protection.


Multi-Disc Drag

A multi-disc drag cassette comprised of Rulon® and precision stamped stainless steel discs applies braking pressure and heat dispersion over several surfaces. This virtually eliminates start up inertia and stick-slip problems.


Hook Guard

Keep those hooks tucked into the arbor of the reel and out of the way of your hands.


Frame Features

Nine windows in the Gen 2 allows us to eliminate weight without sacrificing strength.

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