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  • C&F 1677 - 14 ROW FLY CASE
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    C&F 1677 - 14 ROW FLY CASE

    The 1677 is great small waterproof fly box perfect for small dries and nymphs
  • C&F CF-1600 8 ROW FLY CASE

    The 1600 waterproof fly box is perfect for larger flies Designed for streamers and other larger flies. Small holes for locating Micro Slits. Weight: 89g With : 90 Slits Color...
  • C&F GS-3500 GRAND SLAM
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    C&F GS-3500 GRAND SLAM

    This is a great all round saltwater fly box from clouser's to candies definitely a favourite with all the staff here at the Angler for many years.  Weight: 200g Color:...
  • C&F-1644 8 ROW FLY CASE
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    C&F-1644 8 ROW FLY CASE

     CF - 1644 WATERPROOF STREAMER - BIG BUG BOX The perfect small case for terrestrials and small streamers Waterproof design Weight :73g Color: Light GreY
  • C&F-1666 12 ROW FLY CASE OLIVE

     CF-1666 WATERPROOF NYMPH/DRY FLY BOX The perfect small case for nymphs and dries Waterproof design Weight: 76g Color: Dark Grey 
  • C&F-2500 8 ROW FLY CASE

    CF-2500 Waterproof Fly Case with 2 Micro Slit Foams for large flies such as bass bug. Salt water flies and Steelhead flies. Unique slit design to accommodate flies randomly. Weight:...
  • C&F-2508F

    CF - 250BF a waterproof box with an added flip great for small to medium size flies
  • C&F-2555 10 ROW FLY CASE

    CF - 2555 Waterproof fly box great for dries,streamers and nymphs *H 105 W 155 D 40 (MM) *WEIGHT 110G *COLOUR GREY 
  • C&F-2577 14 ROW FLY CASE


    CFGS Large sized waterproof box This case is designed for medium to large salt water streamers, or tarpon flies. Because it has a clear top,flies can be seen easily. Weight...
  • C&F-3544 GRAND SLAM 8 ROW
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    C&F-3544 GRAND SLAM 8 ROW

    CFGS - 3544 Large waterproof fly box Appropriate for carrying small and medium sized salt water flies, such as McCrab and Del's Merkin Crab. Weight : 202g With : 100...
  • C&F-3555 GRAND SLAM 10 ROW

    CFGS - 3555 WATERPROOF FLY BOX Ideal choice for carrying small saltwater flies such as Crazy Charlie and Gotcha patterns. Good all purpose box, also great for large freshwater streamers....
  • CLIFF FLOAT PATCH - Compleat Angler Sydney
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    Designed to make fly fishing easy.... Why dig through your flybox putting flies away when the Cliff Float Patch will hold all your flies within easy reach all session long....
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